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"He was wonderful, very patient, and taught him everything he needed to pass his driving test. I would recommend this driving school for your child. I would rate it as 5 stars."

-Anthony DelVecchio

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"I called Professional Driving school at noon on a snowy Saturday and asked for a same day 2 hour lesson with a Spanish speaker and they actually found one!! Salem was very helpful on the phone and Laila gave great driving tips. I give them top marks for responsiveness... Also the lessons are affordably priced."


-Dave M.

"I hadn't driven for about 30 years and I took the test without much practice, and FAILED! I then wised up and got my practise in with Pro. Driving School. My teacher was Mr. Rasheem. He was very professional, patient, and also a nice guy. I passed the test with no problems. Thank you."


-Richard T.

"I'm a first time driver at age 25 and took lessons and my test with Professional Driving School.  I took three two-hour lessons as well as an hour practice/test with Simon.  The name really states it all - Professional Driving school definitely upholds their name, calling to confirm your scheduled appointments, calling a few minutes early to be outside (as I live in a building with the slowest elevator on earth and takes a while to get downstairs sometimes) and being true to their pick up/ drop off service."


- Charles G.

"My son went to the driving school and had Mike as an instructor. He was wonderful, very patient, and taught him everything he needed to pass his driving test. I would recommend this drivnig school for your child. I would rate it as 5 stars."


- Anthony DelVecchio

"I love the way they help me pass my test when you call ask for rasheen or mr brown they are the best they help ever one in my family pass there test"


- Tony

"Positive:These guys are very good in giving tips how to pass the driving test. Mike and Antony teach decently. Need to improve:* Antony needs to improve his communication skills.* They should provide services in better cars.* They should take the customers on Highways to make sure they learn good driving skills"


- Jackson

"The instructor was too good. he taught me the key points for passing the test and we practiced parallel parking in 10 minutes. I rightly parked in 1 shot. highly recommend for everyone."


- Vijay

"VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! The instructor taught me exactly what I needed to pass the test. I passed with ease. Good quality service."


- Vaibhav

"my driving school experience was a very very great one in deed my instructor helped me to feel relaxed calm & confident, a friend of mine had told about the south philadelphia location so i had given them a call an they were really helpful nice and respectful, they also give you great prices that you can t beat i was very satisfied and now i have my license and i m so excited : ) and if u give it a shot i m positive that you will have a great experience as well."


- TD

"I am really thankful to Professional Driving School for helping me pass the road test. I have had the pleasure of working with Zeke and Anthony for 4 classes each being 2 hours. Both were excellent teachers!! Whereas Zeke taught me how to get steering balance and make turns, Anthony taught me how to do parallel parking and U-turns. On the day of the test, the teacher actually takes you to testing center and makes you practice the actual test on the same exact route with all the turns and parkings. I highly"


- Keerthy

"Two lessons. Two Days. One really satisfied customer. After trying for years to master, and pass the Pennsylvania Drivers' Exam, Professional Driving School was the difference that has now made me a licensed driver. The previous posters are correct, outstanding instructors who know how to get you through the basics and right out onto the road where the real learning occurs. Before and during your test day, they're very detailed, taking you turn by turn through the exam route, ensuring that you're prepared"


- Manuel

"One of the best schools around... I hadnt driven in a while, and with different driving rules and regulations things can be difficult. But with all the staff at Professional driving school, i had all the required guidance and practice. Parallel parking was the biggest hurdle, but with special attention and enough practice provided by these guys, i was able to get it in one go. Keep up the good work guys!! Mr. Simone Thank you.."


- Rookie

"I really love this school!!! The drivers are professional, on time and they try they're best to make sure you are comfortable. I called late on a Tuesday night with my road test scheduled for that Thursday. Salem, who works in the office was able to squeeze me in for lessons the very next day even though I called last minute _ On Wednesday morning I had lessons with Mike. He arrived on time and was very helpful and patient at teaching me parallel parking. BTW I love his per"


- Imisanori

"hey! this school & staff are really the best! I had Rasheem as an instructor & he was so helpful! he was very patient with me & so nice! I'm light on the gas but he helped me get more comfortable with taking force...he knows the easiest way to park!! that was my first attempt of parallel parking & I got it perfectly with his help! my test is on the 21st of this month! hopefully I pass so my mom can get me that car she promised!"


- Alicia

"I has failed my 1st test because i could not park, I got lessons from mr. Rasheen. He;s very professional, patient, and nice. We passed the test on Nov. 19th with no problem. Thanks again."


- Richard Williams  

"I would highly recommend the Professional Driving School. The instructor (John) made me feel comfortable during the lessons and gave me confidence. They were very thorough in their instruction and training and gave the confidence you need to prepare the exam. I would highly recommend the Professional Driving School to anyone in need to their service."


- Miranda

"I came in from New York on a Tuesday night at midnight and I had some lessons with Salem that night and with Hanna the next morning, and I took my driving that same Wednesday morning (which was conviniently scheduled for me by Salem) and I was able to get my license on my first try thanks to all the tips Salem and Hanna gave me. I was much more comfortable learning with them than I had been with anyone else, and they taught me patience and gave me tips on how to better waht was doing wrong. They even helped me make parallel parking an easy task! I would highly recommend Professional Driving School to anyone who wants to learn to drive and pass with flawless ability."


- Demetri K.

"I had Rafeel as my teacher, can't say more than I passed today and I am so happy, he's so good and really professional I took three lessons and took the test and can't say more than go to this school it's the best."


- Maram Ziyoud

"I was one of the hopeless cases. I did not think I would be able to learn how to drive. And by total accident I found Salem-the best driving instructor on the planet! He was absolutely patient with me and taught me all the skills that I needed to drive confidently. It has been more than 4 years. I am very confident on the road and I know that I owe it to his patience and his dedication."


- Maggie Goralczyk

"They are amazing at teaching driving! Their methods are simple and easy to understand. I passed my test on the first try! Their rates are reasonable, and they are nice and understanding. I'm a student so I sometimes have to cancel a class because of exams, and they totally understand!"


- Sim K.

"I would highly recommend the Proffesional Driving School. The instructor (Mike) made me feel comfortable during the lesson and gave me confidence. They were very thorough in their instruction and training and gave the confidence i need to prepare the exam. I would highly recommend the Professional Driving School to anyone in need to their service."


- Radhakrishnan

"I called Philadelphia Professional Driving School on Saturday, December 13, 2014. By Monday, December 22, 2014 after 3 lessons, I was ready for my road test. Passed with flying colors. Well worth the money yet affordable and professional! Mike and Anthony were great instructors!"


-Robert N.

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"The best driving school hands down! I only took one lesson and my instructor Marlon had me driving like a pro. So good in fact that I took my test Feb 3 rented the car for the one hr lesson and test and passed on my first try! I'm telling you don't try any other school. These guys come to pick you up, are patient, teach you step by step, hold good conversations so it's not all teaching and are just down to earth good people as well as great teachers! Hopefully your experience can be as good as mine. I personally recommend Marlon, he's a great teacher. Thanks again Philadelphia driving school !!!!"


- Aminah Tolbert

"I called for lessons for my 16 year old son. Rashid was well worth the money we spend on driving lessons. I hired Rashid for two hours and after speaking to Rashid that afternoon I decided to get my son an additional the day of his test and I used Professional Driving School's car for my son to take the test in. My son passed his test and I truly believe if i had not paid for him to take the course before his test he would not have passed. Thanks again Rashid and I will definitely recommend you to my family and friends."


- Tracey Daniels

"I called them 2 weeks before my test in October, and scheduled three classes and to rent a car for the test. Everything was smooth and on time, and my instructor Anthony was a solid teacher. I passed the exam on first try, and am glad to have gone to this school. Thanks!"


- Arsen N.

"I have been trying to get my license for

years. I did a lesson and lesson/test with Rasheen and I passed. He gave me a really good technique with parallel parking and took me on the exact route that Penndot took me on for the test. Now I am an expert driver thanks to Rasheen."


- Folake

"The lessons booking manager was very nice and offered advice on what to take to the test with me, besides the documents listed in the PennDot driving manual. I felt they were reliable and that I will be in good hands. This was confirmed when I had my lesson with Antony, one of their instructors. Antony was very helpful, repeated some commands several times when I had trouble remembering them. He was very calm and patient. Importantly, he showed me everything I needed to watch out for and pay special attention to on the test and later to be a safe driver. If I needed more lessons I would definitely go back to him. Thanks, Antony for being such a great instructor!"


- S. C. V.

"This driving school taught me how to parallel park and taught me the course and helped me pass my test. I perfer the lighter guy. He was more patient with me than any other"


- Suzan

"Rafael is the BEST!!!

Ask specifically for him. While I'm sure that the other 14 teachers are also great, I know that Rafael is meticulous, kind and so professional. I did the 125$ Lesson right before taking my test at Oregon.

Take the lesson, even if you've driven for 10 years."


- Vasundhara Singh

"Mike and Rafael were so patient and made sure I understood how to drive safely. I'm happy to say I passed my exam and plan to take even more classes to make sure I'm a very safe driver. Money well spent. I definitely recommend this school. Thanks for everything."



"Instructors were patient and taught me everything I needed to know to pass the road test I would recommend this driving school to any and everyone."



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"Good Afternoon, this is Stephon Muskelley .

Your driving school company offers the best driving Teacher's out here out of the whole state of Philadelphia Pennsylvania. My Teachers had good time and patience with me and showed me to drive the proper way and it is very appreciative and grateful. Thank you very much for your service and the other driving schools in Philadelphia is no where as successful as yours's professional Philadelphia driving school.

Thank you"


-Stephon Muskelley

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